Mile Srdanovic - selected photos


It is all about harmony

(Photos made by me and simple 5 Mp Kodak camera. Slightly postprocessed)


Gallery 1 - just nature (the other name for Harmony)

"Glava Zete", near Nikcic, Montenegro

Dawn near Foca

Tunnel near Boka, Montenegro

Tara Canyon, Montenegro

"Reserve holes" - Tara Canyon

"Massive touch" - Livno valley

"Alone" - Livno valley

Empty village - near Grahovo

still nobody there - between Livno and Grahovo

"Explosion" over Livno valley

Twilight in Livno valley

Weather change, Livno valley (assembled panoramic picture)

Weather change, another sceen, Livno valley (assembled panoramic picture)

"50 miles view", over Livno to western Bosnia

Busko Lake_near Tomislavgrad

Twilight in Rogoznica, Croatia

"Where the Sun grows" - Trogir, Croatia

Twilight near Grahovo

Smetovi, 15 min. from Zenica

Smetovi, winter

Twilight, Vlasic plateau


Gallery 2 - in harmony with nature

Rostovo, near Travnik

Face to face


"Not for sale", Smetovi, near Zenica

Zenica, assembled panoramic picture

Monument in Tjentiste, near Foca

Wild horses, near Livno


Gallery 3 - disharmony (sick mind harmony!)

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